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Vote For Me

It seems I have an army of readers and it is now time for them to be utilised and the way you can do that is by voting for me.

Vote for me in what you ask? – You can vote for me to be the Best New Blog at The Football Bloggers Awards.

It only takes a minute of your time and involves just your name and an e-mail address.

All you need to do is add your name and e-mail where asked and then enter www.realfootballman.com in the ‘Best New Blog’ category.


It really is as simple as that. Getting even on the shortlist could be the shot in the arm that I need and would be testament to the hard work that I put into the site.

I may be incredibly biased but I genuinely cannot think of a harder worker blogger than myself. The week off I gave myself recently is the longest stint of time off that i have given myself in the 18 months since its inception in a timeframe where I rarely take a day off.

The site has made a lot of progress in that time but it’s taking an incredible amount of man hours in which to do so and although the rewards are starting to come through there is still scope for more but again that will need even more hard work but as regular readers will attest you can see the quality of my work shine through

So there is my pitch for you to vote for my site. By coming here and reading this then I would imagine I have done the hard work by getting your attention, I just need a minute of your time for you to nominate me.

If you could do that I would be incredibly grateful and I thank you for your time.

Let’s hope I get nominated!



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