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Soccer Prediction

5 Ways To Make Soccer Predictions

Soccer betting, similar to watching the game, can be a thrilling experience. But it can be difficult if your goal is to win regularly and make profits from it. Winning soccer bets with consistency requires you to make accurate Whoscored predictions just like the experienced tipsters. So how do these experts make their predictions?

These experts take the following steps to come up with their soccer way prediction.

1. Team & Player Form Analysis

Consider the current form of both the teams. This analysis is essential in all the leagues. You should check the form of the teams in their past 5 to 6 matches. This will give you an idea of the variables that affect the match. If one side has been doing better than the other and has won most of its matches against teams with similar strengths, they will have a better chance of winning.

2. History of Past Meetings

This data is also referred to as H2H record. When you check the outcomes of the past matches between the 2 teams, it becomes easier to make Whoscored predictions.

  • Look for a trend in the outcomes of the matches
  • Check whether there is a strong rivalry between the 2 teams
  • The team that lost the last match is more likely to perform better to win the upcoming match

This factor can be evaluated for matches in any league.

3. Consider the Match Venue

The next factor that is evaluated by tipsters in making soccerway prediction is the venue where the match is played. League matches are almost always played on the home turf of one side.

  • A club or team playing on its home field is likely to have an edge
  • The home team will have the fans in their favor
  • The home team will also be more acquainted with the field and the local conditions

Traditionally in soccer, the home team has been considered to have a significant edge over the visiting team. Even an average team hosting a match has the potential to beat a technically better team.

4. Match Calendar

When making Whoscored predictions, it is also important to check the match calendar for both sides. A team that has lost a match in the UEFA Champions League may not be in its best spirit for its upcoming domestic league match.

On the other hand, if one side has an important upcoming match the management may rest the key players. So it is important to check each side’s calendar to determine how capable and motivated they are.

5. Check Team News

It is also important to check team news regularly to keep on top of a team’s potential performance. A team may have a long injury list comprising of its key players. There may be some suspensions. Finding this information can require some digging. A star player may not be in the squad because of personal reasons. Keeping up-to-date with the latest team news can equip you with crucial information.

So make sure to consider all these factors to make accurate soccer way prediction. It will require some time and research to be able to evaluate all these factors. But the hard work does pay you back in the form of consistent wins and profits.

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