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Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets

Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets

Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets

When it comes to tracking your bets and the profit and loss that you make (hopefully more of the former rather than the latter) many people opt to store their progress within a much-trusted Excel spreadsheet.

Which when you consider the range of functions that are available in Excel and the level of the analysis you can carry out; you can begin to understand why this method of data storage proves to be so popular.

However, those some Excel users may often ask themselves ‘what if there was any easier way to track my betting progress’ and thankfully for them their prayers have been answered courtesy of Bettingmetrics.


With Bettingmetrics you can either sign up as a punter or a tipster, which means the platform offers the best of both worlds and more importantly it means that your Excel spreadsheet will soon become a thing of the past.

Should you sign up as a punter, it means you will be granted access to the highest odds in the quickest amount of time, while also following the hottest tipsters in a bid to find those all-important insights.

In addition to that, signing up to the platform allows you to make use of such integrated tools as bet tracker, advanced analytics and bankroll management – tools you won’t find in your own run of the mill spreadsheet

While if you register as a tipster it means you can share your knowledge and help others get the better of the bookmakers, while more importantly allowing you the potential to expand your own personal customer base.


Not only does it make available use of its integrated tools, but the advantages provided are substantial and not only that, it also makes life easier for anyone who struggles to get the best out of their previous analytical methods.

Say for example, you don’t have a background in data analysis and because this you feel that you are unable to create a process to track your betting behaviour. If this was the case, then using Excel may end up becoming something of a barrier.

Thankfully with Bettingmetrics the ease of use in terms of analytics, means that it can open the insights to new and old punters alike. While the more information you have available, the better the strategies you can put in place.

Not only that, but say you are going through something of a losing streak (it does happen from time to time) if you were continually placing your losing results in Excel, you wouldn’t necessarily be learning anything from your losses.

However, with this tool things are a whole lot different and one of the key elements is that it highlights a bad streak and the behaviours that have led to it, something that should help you to steer back onto a winning path.

While perhaps most important of all, any betting information that you enter into Bettingmetrics is backed up every 24 hours and that means, you’ll never have to worry about losing everything to a corrupted file.


If this review has taken your interest, be sure to visit their homepage to get more of look around and see further as to what they can offer and once you’ve decided this is the tool for you, simply select one of the high value pricing tiers. You won’t regret the decision.

Happy punting and thanks for reading. Dan

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