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The Greatest Comeback In Football History

People will often talk about Barcelona getting the required amount of goals necessary against PSG in the Champions League Round of 16 last season as arguably the greatest footballing comeback in history. Yes you could say that they were never actually behind in the Nou Camp second leg but they were still largely behind in terms of aggregate, so although somewhat of a caveat it does often ring true.

On a personal level I would have to say Arsenal throwing away a two goal lead to Tottenham at The Emirates back in 2008 was something memorable evening. The game ended up in a 4-4 draw but it felt like a win for Spurs as they Arsenal contrived to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory. You could perhaps argue that it was small time for the visitors to celebrate a point with such magnitude but with it being a heated local derby all rules go out the window.

Add to the fact that it was my 25th birthday that evening (and all day in fact) and I had a lovely time. They are just two footballing comebacks that I can remember off the top of my head from the absolute pantheon of great results but for me there is just one that stands out for me and to be honest it may just be one that you may not necessarily remember

Picture the scene it was all the way back in 1994 and Coco Pops United were losing in the final of the Jungle World Cup by an astonishing 10-0 scoreline, the kind of hammering that made Germany 7 -1 Brazil back in 2014 look like something of a close encounter. A scoreline of this magnitude was going to bring nothing but embarrassment to cereal eaters all across the world.

Amazon United looked snappy in attack and of course why wouldn’t you when they had alligators throughout the lineup and with such a commanding lead you had to wonder just how many goals they would end up winning the showpiece event of Jungle Football by.

Coco Pops United looked a disheveled outfit as they went into the break and you could only imagine that player-manager Coco The Monkey would be throwing cereal bowls across the dressing room in disgust after witnessing the worst ever 45 minutes in a Jungle World Cup Final.

But after what is now considered one of the greatest managerial team talks of all time, the game ended up taking a different complexion and history as we now know it was rewritten. After filling the trophy right to the top with Coco Pops and showing his team-mates what they could win he managed to fire them up for the restart.

Inspired by a massive bowl of chocolate milk after the game, Coco Pops United were no match for Amazon United in the second half as they came back to win by an astonishing 11-10 scoreline and complete the greatest comeback in Football history. Questions will of course be asked of the Amazon goalkeeper in the second half after his shocking performance but that should take nothing way from the sensational comeback that was witnessed that evening.

Although it must also come as no surprise that Coco Pops United were then stripped of the trophy in 1997 when they were found to have used an illegal enhancing substance in this game and Coco The Monkey never worked in football again. A sad end to what should have been a fairytale story

Here are the highlights

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