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Why I Love This Goal – Part 2

After the success of the opening article earlier in the week, I thought it was time to describe another goal I am love in. A few days ago it was Ronaldo (original) scoring away at Compostela and this time we focus our attention on the Premier League.

Cast your mind back 22 years ago and the English top flight was not quite yet awash with foreign superstars therefore the ones that did play on these shores were arguably lauded even higher and in the case of this particular player, rightly so

That is because I present to you Tony Yeboah of Leeds United. Now readers may well think it is Yeboah’s goal against Liverpool that I will be talking about but no this one is arguably my second favourite goal of all time, this is the one against Wimbledon.

Fresh off that scorching volley at Elland Road which cannoned off the crossbar and left David James helpless the Ghanaian was in something of a bullish mood when he made the long trip to Selhurst Park and his Dons opponents were going to be in for a torrid afternoon

After some initial head tennis from both sides the ball was pinging about in the Wimbledon half in what you would consider a not all that dangerous position that is until Yeboah finally gets the ball under something resembling some sort of control.

First he chests the ball with so much force he then has to stretch to try keep it under his possession, a slightly robust looking knee up in the air and you then think any potential chance has dissipated, that is until he manages to turn the ball onto his right foot.

A motion that tees the ball up ever so invitely and this man does not need to be asked twice, he absolutely thumps the ball with such velocity that had the strike not gone it I would imagine it would have been the first football to ever be launched into space.

It is literal brute force that becomes something so elegant, the celebration says it all as he peels off surging with adrenaline. Although never at the same level as Brazil’s Ronaldo he is another player whose legacy is somewhat added to due his star burning bright and then burning out all too quickly

And that is why I love this goal

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