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Another Podcast But This Time I’m A Guest

Another podcast for you now, regular viewers of the website may be wondering where the E-Football Podcast has got to. The good news there is that it will be back next week and then from there on in we’re going on throughout the season, the first two weeks will allow us to shake off some of that pre-season timber before we hit the start of the season proper.

However Thursday night gave me the opportunity to sit on the other side of the virtual podcast studio courtesy of
World Football Index as I was counted on for my so called expertise when it comes to all things Tottenham what with the Premier League resuming in just less than two weeks

A solid 25 minutes of chat between myself and the esteemed host Dave Caren who pitted the questions, it was a lot of fun doing the podcast and I hope that comes across when listening. I’ll be on board with the guys at World Football Index across the season giving some regular updates and views on all things Tottenham.

Topics include:

Tottenham’s signings (or lack there of)
Transition at Wembley
The production line of talent
Antonio Conte’s comments

I will not list everything as it will give away all the good audio content which in my very biased opinion is definitely worth a listen. The kind of podcast where the conversation flowed so well, I could have honestly chatted for an hour.

Big shout out to Dave for having me on the show and keep up the good work that you are doing (in Brazil no less!!)

As always if you like what you hear from yours truly and would be interested in having me guest on your podcast next season then you can either tweet me at dantracey1983 or email me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com

Thanks for listening

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