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Top 20 Biggest Football Stadiums

Modern stadia has undoubtedly changed the way in which we watch football, all seater stadiums are the de reguier these days as life on the terraces harks back to what was a bygone era. It may well bring back years of nostalgia but I don’t think anyone would disagree that the all round experience of going to a football match is a lot better in this day and age.

Some will argue that the atmosphere has been lost due to these all encompassing arenas but I think that is more symptomatic of the modern game itself and the calibre of fans that watch the game these days. You could argue that it is not the stadiums themselves that the price of tickets that have caused the drop in atmosphere as it continues to become a pursuit of the middle class especially in England.

Around the world though they are perhaps considered more like a cathedral where the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona ply their trades at the Santiago Bernabeu and the Nou Camp respectively, these two buildings are not top of the table though when it comes to stadium size. They may well dominate La Liga but this is one league table that they are not top off

The question though is who is top of the tree. Well that is something that can be answered for you below. Here is an infograph of the 20 biggest football stadiums in the world – courtesy of MightyGoods


So there you have it, it is North Korea that have the biggest stadium in world football. A staggering 150,000 could go and watch the national team in action, whether they actually get a sell out crowd or even if Kim Jong-Un is a diehard football fan I’m not too sure. But that said he can certainly be proud of topping this particular chart.

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