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Sponsored Post – RUYA IPTV Service brings the world of Entertainment to you

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If you are aware of the Kodi post that I made last Summer telling you how the world of watching Television had changed then RUYA takes it to the next level. RUYA IPTV is a subscription based Kodi add-on that offers a second to none IPTV service that is reliable and of a consistent high quality.

Yes it may be a subscription service and you may ask well why not just use the multitude of add ons that are already freely available but you more than get what you pay for when it comes to RUYA and the subscription is worth absolutely every penny. I’ve never had any issues with availability like with some add-ons where channels are advertised but there are no links, everything that you see you are able to watch and buffering is a thing of the past with RUYA

Each package is split into categories, the menu is easy to navigate and depending on your subscription you could have more channels that you can ever dream of at your finger tips. Installation is incredibly easy and takes a matter of minutes, there are many step through guides – I would recommend this one for installation http://kodicommunity.com/ruya-iptv/

Ruya IPTV has 11 different packages including UK, US, Italian and Spanish channels but also many many more. A whole host of sports channels but not only that the whole world of entertainment is covered. I’ve only been using it a couple of days but I am like a kid in a sweet shop, put it this way there will never not be anything to watch when you turn RUYA on

Prices may vary depending on reading this article, so for an up to date quote simply contact them via

Twitter: here

Facebook: here (Will have to wait for group acceptance but that takes little time)

And then you could also have a whole range of top quality TV at your fingertips, it will be one of the smartest purchases you make.

RUYA – Where Dreams Come True


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