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Real Football Data – Bundesliga 2017/18 Shot Efficiency – Week 11

Bundesliga 2017/18 Shot Efficiency – Week 11

This project is building some steam not only due to the amount of analysis that has been carried out but also the fact that it is gaining traction in terms of reads and interest, so thanks to everyone who has read any of the articles but as the song says “we’ve only just begun”

And our next piece takes us to the home of efficiency Germany. Therefore this particular article will be very apt indeed as we look at which of the 18 Bundesliga is the most ruthless when it comes to shots vs goals and without being all clickbait this answer may well surprise you.

As always there will be the ranking of the Bundesliga teams and also we will see how that metric compares against where they sit in the league table. Just how much of a variance will there be between charts and also we can look at the kind of split between positive and negative differences – all will be explained in the article

Next up the project will continue with a trip to Serie A for the first time as we look who tops the charts in Italy and once we get that one online we will then be able to look at the top and bottom 20 teams in Europe. Truth be told as it’s still international week we can look at some other league also (if I have time as this project seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day)


Thanks as always to whoscored for the data as without the information it would be much more difficult to produce.

I hope this is of interest to you and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com as I am always looking to undertake additional projects to the ones I already have. Thanks, Dan.

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