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Football On 5

Football On 5 a few quick thoughts

  • Football On 5 returned to UK TV screens last night
  • Now usually when I write about Match Of The Day in this style of article it is for all intents and purposes a brief review of each game
  • But as there would have been over 30 games taking place yesterday there is absolutely no way that is happening
  • Therefore I’ll give my thoughts on the actual show itself now that they have changed hosts for the third time in as many seasons
  • This time around it is Colin Murray at the helm after the decision was made not to stick with George Riley and Lynsey Hipgrave
  • Whether that is the right decision is down to personal preference I guess
  • Murray can be divisive at the best of times, another way to put it would be “Marmite”
  • As for the coverage it started at Craven Cottage due to the fact that was the World Feed game
  • Whether this is a weekly thing where Murray does a link from the ground and then has to hot foot back to the ground remains to be seen
  • Although if he does it will be interesting to see him make it back from Carlisle
  • He promised a special guest after the break
  • That man was Pointless’ Richard Osman, which was ironic considering it was a pointless inclusion
  • Michael Gray or is that Micky Gray these days was the sole pundit and in fairness that it all that was needed
  • Whether I could deal with him each week I’m not too sure
  • Sounds silly but his glasses really annoyed me, is he wearing them just to look clever or does he actually need them
  • Who knows, who cares
  • To be honest I’m not going to be watching this religiously each week so I’ll let that slide
  • Murray was perhaps guilty of laying on the “Real Football” angle for Leagues 1 and 2 a bit too thickly
  • There really is no need to be condescending to fans at that level
  • Talking of fans, we do not need their opinions via video
  • I’m not sure why Football League programmes are obsessed with this angle but it is really unnecessary
  • To be honest though they have got the pace and the format just about right
  • With so many goals to show it is always a tough balance especially when you add some analysis from me
  • It gets an early season pass from me
  • From a footballing point of view though the comments have to be saved for Luton beating Yeovil 8-2 on the opening day
  • What an absolutely awful result
  • Also Crawley Town will now be known as “Harry Kewell’s Crawley” for as long as he is in charge
  • Sheffield United have already won the EFL Championship
  • While the Hull City boss looks like he could be a good laugh

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