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E-Football Podcast – Season 2 Episode 6

It is fair to say that no one really enjoys an international break and it is even fairer to say that everyone is glad that the Premier League is just around the corner, thankfully though the E-Football Podcast does not take a break as we bring you the latest episode in the burgeoning series.

Myself and my usual right hand man James McCarthy chewed the fat for just under 50 minutes or so – a little bit shorter because of the above reasons but that is not to say that it is any less in quality (ok perhaps maybe a little bit) and in true international fashion we had some late drop outs but even so we made the best of the situation.

The topics on this week E-Football Podcast were:

England and their maximum points haul from international duty
Gareth Southgate’s half term report after 10 matches
The final day of the transfer window
Player power and whether or not is has eroded
What do Chelsea do about Diego Costa
“Good window/Bad window”
And a preview to the big fixtures of this weekend

If you are a fan of all things Apple simply click on this linked text and if you are not a supporting of mega corporations then click this linked text for the non itunes link

And because the international break creates malaise it also means that I have forgotten to upload episodes 4 and 5, so because I am a completist please feel free to take a listen to the two missing episodes below.

And to fill the gaps here is Episode 4

Episode 4 for your listening pleasure

An here is Episode 5

Episode 5 for your listening pleasure

Thanks for taking the time to listen and feedback is always welcome, not only that but if you would like to be a part of the show at some point this season then you can get in touch with me by following me on twitter if you do not already

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