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Chelsea vs Tottenham a few quick thoughts

  • This was the night the race was lost
  • Tottenham’s failure to win at Stamford Bridge sees the title to go to Leicester City for the first time ever
  • Mauricio Pochettino’s men give away a 2-0 lead and end the game amidst chaotic scenes
  • This game was arguably The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Tottenham’s season
  • The Good – Going 2-0 up away at Chelsea and keeping the title race alive
  • The Bad – Giving that advantage away and dropping those all important two points
  • The Ugly – The 9 Yellow Cards, Mousa Dembele’s Eye-Gouge and Erik Lamela’s stamp on Cesc Fabregas
  • Now you can look at this two ways, firstly you can say that Tottenham refused to be bullied but you could also say that they went far too far
  • They aren’t the kind of traits you want to see in a Tottenham side and I hope the players learn from this and come back stronger but stronger in the right way and not in a snidey manner
  • They lost their heads in the second half and with that their slim chance of capturing the title race evaporated
  • But they started brightly and after going 2-0 up thanks to goals from Harry Kane and Heung-min Son you felt that this was going to be Chelsea’s first defeat to Tottenham at Stamford Bridge since 1990
  • Both goals came from the back of great build up, neat interplay in the build up and Christian Eriksen providing two key assists as Tottenham were in dreamland and looked to postpone the Leicester party until last Saturday
  • Although Chelsea had their own plans to a spoil a party and the ultimately did
  • Gary Cahill prodded in from close range to give Chelsea hope of a comeback
  • And Eden Hazard’s curling strike just 7 minutes from time ended the hopes of Spurs much to the delight of the home crowd
  • Hazard was at the start of the move and was then afforded the time and the space to curl past Hugo Lloris and level things at 2-2
  • There was an incredible amount of needle in this game, this fixture is usually hostile but this was something else
  • It was obviously inflamed by comments such as Hazard’s when he said that Chelsea didn’t want Tottenham to win the league and they certainly meant it
  • How no-one and a Tottenham player in particular didn’t manage to get sent off I will never know
  • But even after the game it didn’t stop there. Willian kissing his Champions Badge much to the delight of the Stamford Bridge faithful
  • Chelsea celebrating the draw as if they won the league themselves
  • Guus Hiddink seemingly getting pushed by Danny Rose
  • It was bedlam, Tottenham will no doubt be bought in front of The F.A.
  • Dembele, Lamela and Rose could all be facing bans which carry over to next season
  • Stupid really when there are still two games to go, the emotion of last night just got too much
  • If there any positives they are that an automatic Champions League spot has been assured now and if we win on Sunday against Southampton or Manchester City hold Arsenal to a draw or better then 2nd place is ours
  • The football on the pitch will be overlooked last night and almost forgotten
  • Firstly because of all the indiscretions
  • But more importantly because Leicester City are Premier League Champions for 2015/16
  • Congratulations Leicester


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