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Can The Sky Bet Super Boost Make You Rich? – Part 7

We’re a little bit earlier with the question as to whether or not the SkyBet Price Boost can make you rich but as it is the international break and the website is resembling a tumbleweed right now it makes sense to review last week’s going’s on in the world of gambling.

Last week the powers that be offered up this tasty treble

Manchester United to beat Crystal Palace
West Ham to beat Swansea
Leicester to beat Bournemouth

At a rewarding 6/1 it was always going to be a well earned win should all three come in and to be honest I was quietly confident that I would get the £35 back that SkyBet were dangling in front of my face. Unfortunately it was not to be as Leicester let me down.

To be fair West Ham looked like they were going to do also but Diafra Sakho’s late goal got the Hammers over the line. Ultimately that was no good to me as I’ve had to make do with the frustrating two out of three and no return.
Let’s take a look as to what that has done in regards to the ongoing total

Price Boosts Bet On – 7
Money Placed – £35
Price Boosts Won – 2
Total Winnings – £52.50
Profit – £17.50
Win Rate – 28.5%

So on current form and working on the assumption that there are 35 Price Boosts across the season I would be in line for winnings at the end of the season around the £85-90 mark. Not rich but still in profit and that ultimately is the main thing here.

As promised I will provide some statistics behind the bet

Fixtures – 21
Correct Outcomes – 12
Correct Outcome Rate – 55.5%

Teams chosen to win

Arsenal – 1
Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 3
Everton – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Leeds – 2
Leicester – 2
Liverpool – 2
Manchester United – 2
Manchester City – 1
Southampton – 1
Tottenham – 1
Watford – 1
West Ham – 1

Teams that have won

Arsenal – 1 (100%)
Chelsea – 2 (66.6%)
Everton – 1 (100%)
Leeds – 1 (50%)
Leicester – 1 (50%)
Liverpool – 1 (50%)
Manchester City – 1 (100%)
Manchester United – 2 (100%)
Tottenham – 1 (100%)
West Ham – 1 (100%)

Teams that have let me down

Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Leeds – 1
Leicester – 1
Liverpool – 1
Southampton – 1
Watford – 1

So in answer to your question the SkyBet Price Boost is not making me rich but I’ve still got some digital currency in the bank. Let’s hope we can return to winning ways after the international break.


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