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Can The Sky Bet Super Boost Make You Rich? – Part 1

Right Ladies and Gentlemen it is time to do some gambling in all the name of Science, OK perhaps not Science exactly but more to do with good ongoing content over the course of the season (readers suggestions for other article ideas are always welcome)

The article title pretty much explains what I’m going to attempt to do but in case you need a bit more detail, here goes. Basically what I intend to do is place £5 on the Sky Bet Super Boost each Saturday and I am going to keep a running total of not only how many times I win but also how much money.

I’m going to cut back on my gambling this season as to be honest I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it and am arguably far too risk averse to ever really make any worthwhile cash, therefore I may as well place my money on anything that can potentially give me a leg up.

I’ll aim to carry this out every Saturday but should I miss a week or somehow get into financial ruin please don’t start going “Where’s episode 8 of the series?” I do plan to carry out this experiment more often than not as not only will it be fun but it will give more things to write about apart from bloody transfer news.

The only exceptions to this are international weeks and probably F.A. Cup weeks as they are a bit of a waste of time, I may also consider running out across any full midweek programmes of Premier League football depending if there are enough fixtures.

Champions League midweeks and Championship fixtures will not be considered especially when the two competitions are sometimes merged together on a Super boost. Ultimately the aim is to bet on roughly 30 Sky Bet boosts so my initial outlay will be £150, the question is whether or not I will end up in profit.

This week’s opening Sky Bet Super Boost is as follows:

Chelsea to beat Burnley
Crystal Palace to beat Huddersfield
Everton to beat Stoke

It was originally 5/2 and then it moved to 4/1 with a Boost and now it is 6/1 with a Super Boost – not sure why there are two levels of boost but ultimately it does mean potentially there is scope for more winnings. Therefore it does win, I’ll be bringing home £35 in the first week.

To be honest it looks a good combination of matches and I have predicted those three to win in my Week 1 Predictions anyway so I’m quietly confident of an opening day win but then again aren’t all gamblers.

The end game is that whatever total winnings are accumulated at the end of the season I will then roll over to some World Cup 2018 bets. That is if I have any thing to actually roll over.

So by the end of the season we will find out if the Sky Bet Super Boost can actually make you rich or not.

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