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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 1

And we’re back….almost. Yes the return of the “Premier League Predictions” series is upon us for what is now the third full season of action. Last time around I ended up with something just over 50% by the end of the campaign. Not great especially for someone who is meant to “know their football”

But like any good gambler (or should that be bad) I’m back once again to put my money where my mouth it, not only that but I’m going to put my money where YOUR mouth is as I’m also going to do a £1 accumulator each week based on your twitter predictions – more of that to follow in a separate article

Now though it is time for the standard fare where I will rattle through what I think will happen over the course of this weekend. Ignoring the fact that the season starts on Friday (still not happy with that) it is time to predict the first 10 fixtures of this Premier League season


Arsenal vs Leicester – Arsenal Win


Watford vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win

Chelsea vs Burnley – Chelsea Win

Crystal Palace vs Huddersfield – Crystal Palace Win

Everton vs Stoke – Everton Win

Southampton vs Swansea – Draw

West Brom vs Bournemouth – Draw

Brighton vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win


Newcastle vs Tottenham – Draw

Manchester United vs West Ham – Manchester United Win

There we have it then, that is what I think will happen over the course of the opening weekend. What do you think? Please leave your predictions in the comments below. As always I will keep a running total across the course of the season to see just how good or bad I have done. The hope is to beat last year’s return which was something around 52% – surely that can be beaten, then again this game is not easy.

Best of luck if you do follow these tips. Place your bets now!

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