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World Cup: Fifa to debate expanding tournament to 40 teams

Fifa will debate a proposal to expand the World Cup from 32 teams to 40.

The change can be approved by Fifa’s executive committee without consent from the 209 member associations, and could come into effect from 2026.

The proposal will be discussed later on Thursday in Zurich, where a meeting is taking place focused on reforms of world football’s governing body.

Editor’s Note: For me I don’t think this is a good idea, the Tournament will become too bloated, 32 is the perfect number. More Football doesn’t necessarily mean better quality.

Not to mention, it’s a lop sided number. How would the groups work. 10 groups of 4?, or 8 groups of 5 which then has a team not playing on the final day of the group stage. It’s not just the size of the tournament it’s the competition integrity as well.

People may point to the fact that the European Championships increasing it’s size and while great for nations such as Northern Ireland and Wales I still think 16 was the perfect size as again it ruins the balance of the tournament and having 3rd place teams qualify from the groups isn’t ideal. Ultimately money talks and UEFA have decided to expand their showpiece International Tournament this Summer

It’s the pinnacle of World Football, the bigger you make it then it devalues reaching the competition. I think it would be better left alone and once you get to 40 then I’m sure one day it creeps to 48. But at the end of the day it’s not my decision, I just hope FIFA make the right one.


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