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The World’s Richest Football Agent

There is no doubting that the role of the football agent has increased over the years, especially with the birth of the ‘super-agent’. When it comes to the biggest transfers in the game it is a select few powerbrokers who wield the biggest influence and ultimately have a say as to which players will change clubs for big money.

However these agents regularly come in for criticism though as many believe that they are taking money out of the game and then ultimately lining their own pockets, these same agents will point to the fact that it is simply their job to get the best possible deal for the client.

The question is though do we really need agents in football, why cannot two teams construct a deal themselves without the need for a middle man. It would certainly make transfer negotiations easier as there would then be less parties involved.

Unfortunately it looks as if agents are here to stay as their power and influence only increases with each and every transfer window that passes and with the transfer fee constantly increasing, their cut of any transfer fee only gets bigger.

You only have to look at the fact that Mino Raiola received a reported forty-nine million euro for his part in the deal that saw Paul Pogba move from Juventus to Manchester United in 2016. Quite simply a staggering amount of money for someone to receive and a sad indictment of just how much power agents have these days.

But just who are the best agents out there, if there was a league table who would win the silverware when it comes to being the conduit in a big money deal. This infograph below will go someway to showing who is a Champions League level agent.

The World’s Richest Football? by Moneypod.

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