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Tottenham vs Bournemouth a few quick thoughts

  • I was lucky enough to be in attendance yesterday for my first Tottenham Premier League outing at Wembley
  • Whether I am a lucky omen or not I cannot either confirm or deny but it certainly was good to see the club record their first home win of the season
  • When in attendance there is always copious amounts of alcohol which are consumed therefore I have had to watch Match Of The Day twice to make sure everything has fully registered
  • In terms of Wembley it is certainly a different day out
  • The ground was quiet throughout the first half and it was only when Christian Eriksen broke the deadlock soon after the restart did the crowd start to get into the game more
  • The first half was just a wall of Bournemouth noise as the home fans offered very little in response
  • It has to be said that the performance was not great yesterday but the fact that the millstone around are neck can finally be removed is the all important aspect
  • Now that one win has come about the pressure will be lifted and Tottenham can start to grow into their new surroundings even further
  • Ben Davies absence was sorely missed as we lacked the balance on both flanks.
  • That said Jan Vertonghen was a solid deputy and can have little complaint about his performance
  • Hugo Lloris was called upon twice to make important saves
  • The first from Eric Dier who nearly shanked the ball into his own net
  • The second was from Bournemouth sub Jermaine Defoe who was played in by Jordon Ibe with just under quarter of an hour to go
  • If anyone was going to score it was Defoe, it’s the kind of opportunity that is almost written in the stars
  • But unfortunately it was not meant to be for the former Tottenham man who got a great reception from the whole ground when coming on.
  • At the other end it was an ongoing battle between Harry Kane and Asmir Begovic, one that the Bosnian keeper came out on top of
  • After a hatful of Premier League goals in September, Kane perhaps felt the Player Of The Month curse yesterday as he still searches for his first home goal of the season
  • It was however Christian Eriksen who would get the all important goal to the relief of the majority of fans in attendance yesterday
  • It was a third goal in five league matches for the Dane and it was one that solidified third place in the table while also gaining ground on Manchester United
  • He turned in a man of the match effort as what attacking endeavour Tottenham had once again came through him
  • He did also play Kane through shortly before the break but he was foiled by Begovic
  • The screw was being turned but it needed the Dane to finally hammer it home
  • Moussa Sissoko came on with 15 minutes to go and added some urgency to a Tottenham side who were looking for a second
  • His decision making from counter attacking positions could have been better but at least a counter attack didn’t then result in a goal for the opposition
  • It may not have been the prettiest performance yesterday but really it comes down to pragmatism over substance
  • Add that to the fact that both Chelsea and Arsenal lost and it was a near perfect today
  • If you asked any Spurs fans before the game if they would take the win regardless of performance then they would have undoubtedly bitten your arm off
  • So the first three Wembley points in the bag and now Real Madrid is on the horizon
  • To be fair they will have to play a lot better on Tuesday night
  • Tomorrow night I will be hosting my debut episode of the E-Spurs Podcast
  • If you have any questions you can tweet me at @dantracey1983

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