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Do Tottenham Stick Or Twist? – My Soundbite

With a new season on the horizon, I thought I would try something different this time around, countless words have been written on this website since April 2015 but like all things that need to improve it is time to evolve and with that I’m going to start putting my thoughts into an audio format.

When writing they always tell you to focus on what you know and I guess the same rings true when talking as well, with that in mind I have decided to give a quick soundbite on Tottenham and their lack of transfer dealings this Summer.

Now obviously this lack of activity has been somewhat mitigated by the fact we’ve just had the World Cup come to a close, now though this can no longer be used an excuse as the days until the start of the 2018/19 season get ever shorter.

It’s only a quick five minute soundbite so it won’t take up all that much of your time, however I would love to get some feedback not only the subject but also on the topic itself. That feedback can either be left below or via my twitter page

The end game for me this season is that I will probably do a bit less writing on the website, with the shift aiming more towards quality than quantity – I’d like to think my work is good but there is no reason why it cannot be better going forward with some more longer form pieces.

In addition to this though, what the world does not necessarily need is another footballing podcast. However that is exactly what I plan to give the footballing world with the launch of my own this season. Thankfully I’ve been afforded enough time to do another one in addition to my duties with E-Spurs and am looking forward to getting it off the ground.

Ultimately I’m going need some guests (supporters of all clubs please), truth be told I’m always going to be on the lookout for guests, so if you would like to play a part on the show then feel free to get into contact with me via my twitter page @dantracey1983 or via email which is realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com

Thanks for listening below (if you did) and here is to another season of not only great football but great content too.


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