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Tony Fernandes has the dream become a nightmare?


When Tony Fernandes tweeted the words “Think I have got my dream manager. Not what anyone thinks. Take a while. Still a bit to go but I’m very happy. Press all wrong.” on February 2015 did he really have Chris Ramsey in mind?. It seemed as no-one wanted to take the job in February as they didn’t want the burden of a relegation battle and potential managers were biding their time to see what league they would be in come August (candidates like Michael Laudrup spring to mind, but after leaving Swansea did he really have the stomach of a relegation fight – it seems not)


The news yesterday that Chris Ramsey was given the QPR job permanently on a 3 year contract was not the biggest surprise but was it a case that Ramsey was the only man left in the frame for the position. Ramsey who only managed to win 3 out of his 14 Premier League games in charge of QPR will now have a massive task on his hands in terms of overhauling the playing staff. Ramsey was always going to be up against after Harry Redknapp departed but it wasn’t necessarily the on pitch performances (although they didn’t help) it was more the atmosphere at the club.


After their 6-1 defeat to Manchester City a couple of weeks ago the disharmony in the club was quite apparent with Robert Green, Clint Hill and Joey Barton talking of a divisive dressing room and that some players weren’t putting a shift in. Obviously they stopped short of naming any names but it’s quite apparent that the dressing room is very toxic at Loftus Road and they need to get rid of a lot of the mercenaries that have arrived at the West London club.

For too long now QPR has been viewed as an easy pay day for players the wrong side of 30 and Tony Fernandes has certainly been guilty of chucking money at the wrong players but now the club need to take stock of what they have and try to regroup over the summer. What doesn’t help their situation is the fact that there is the threat of a £56m fine hanging over them for breaking the Football League’s own FFP rules, they have been told they will be allowed to play in The Championship next season but how much of an impact will this fine have on the team?

To be honest with the amount of money at Tony Fernandes’ disposal I doubt it will be the doom and gloom scenario that many non QPR fans are predicting and no less hoping happens but I think the fine will easily be absorbed especially if there is a firesale at the club in the close season. Firesale may be the wrong turn of phrase as they bar Charlie Austin and Leroy Fer there isn’t necessarily any players in great demand but I think the main plus point that QPR will have is managing to get a lot of the senior players on ludicrously high wages out of the door and bring down the wage bill.

Is Chris Ramsey’s appointment the start of a much needed cost cutting drive at QPR?, without discrediting the new appointment it certainly seems the “safe option” so to speak but I think the key thing here is that Tony Fernandes needs to cut down on the interaction with fans via twitter. I can see what he’s trying to do in trying to make himself approachable and one of the people while talking to Football fans, but the problem is when you ask Football Fans opinions we don’t think with our heads we think with our hearts and that’s where opinions can be skewed – you can’t let Football Fans assist you in running a club because by and large we are a bunch of idiots.

QPR almost need this relegation to get rid of this toxic atmosphere hanging over the club and start afresh with players that actually show some desire on the pitch and not just the desire to collect a wage, whether the hoops use the opportunity to start a more sustainable era at the club remains to be seen.

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