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Soccer Betting In The United States

Soccer Betting In The United States

Soccer Betting In The United States

While although Soccer and the United States used to have a rather distant relationship, that is no longer the case and with the Men’s National Team making the last 16 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, there was a sense that a long overdue love affair was finally to begin.

Because even though there has always been an element of die-hard fandom within the country, Soccer has often been considered the distant cousin when compared to the likes of American Football or Baseball.

However, events in Costa Rica and such relative success, meant a newfound appetite for the beautiful game on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and since then, the popularity of Soccer seems to be growing with every year that has since passed after their last World Cup showing.

Even the fact that the team did not qualify for the 2018 finals in Russia, has done little to dent the passion that American Soccer fans are now showing and not only for top tier competitions such as the English Premier League or German Bundesliga, but also their very own Major League Soccer.

Major League Soccer or MLS as it is perhaps better known, has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and when you consider the competition’s humbler beginnings, to stand the test of time is certainly reason to celebrate.

While it comes to those sports fans who love to put their money where their mouth is, there is certainly reason to be cheerful after a change of legislations in the past few years, changes that opened pandora’s box int terms of betting ability.

Before such positive steps, a wager on Soccer action both home and abroad would only be found in Las Vegas, Nevada and although the advance of online betting meant that you no longer needed to go to Sin City to place a punt, any transactions would only be digital in nature.

Soccer Betting In The United States

Of course, with legislation changes in states such as Indiana, you no longer need to place your bets via mobile or laptop. Instead, the more personal touch can be applied in as many 13 state-wide locations.

Then again, not everyone is fortunate to live in such cities as Indianapolis or Fort Wayne and depending on their state location, they still may be consigned to placing Soccer wagers across digital mediums instead.

Regardless of whether it is the pursuit of riches either online or in person, there are a wide number of Soccer bets that can be placed and although the range of markets made available, are not quite as expansive as with European bookmakers, there are still plenty of opportunities to test your mettle.

The likes of William Hill and Draft Kings are the more popular sportsbooks that are currently in operation and the more common markets are the likes of 1X2 market, Asian handicaps, over/under markets and draw no bet.

In addition to this, several goal themed markets are being made more available and whereas before you could not back the likes of Harry Kane to open the scoring for Tottenham, this is just another option for those who adore the Premier League in the U.S.

For a nation which is sports mad, the fact that bookmakers were left in the dark for so long, is almost outstanding. However, now that they have been given their chance to shine, they are certainly making for lost time and the public can now test their betting acumen with far greater ease.

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