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It’s an absolute rout now, the BT Openreach engineer didn’t his job properly and made a lovely mess of my new flat when installing a new phone line, low and behold the Internet still doesn’t work.

I’ve now got to wait until Friday at the earliest to get any resolution for this. I really wish I hadn’t carried on my subscription with Sky. They are beyond useless.

Here is everything that has gone wrong in what is meant to be a simple home move:

  • Couldn’t order a router when wanting to upgrade to Fibre – this took 3 days worth of phone calls due to many system errors (in hindsight part of me feels I should have seen the signs and backed out there& then)
  • Then the router is sent to the wrong address
  • Then promised a credit due to the above router issues. Only I’m misinformed regarding the billing and it didn’t turn up in the month it was agreed in over the phone (there would be recorded proof of this)
  • Told the line is active and there’s no need for any engineers to come round – the line isn’t active
  • Then my TV subscription wasn’t cancelled as part of the home move (I can only take the Fibre and LandLine due to the property not allowing a dish on it – so I have had to call to rectify another error at more expense)
  • Then don’t activate the Fibre broadband when it was meant to be activated
  • Send a BT Openreach engineer out – when promised that he wouldn’t have to come in and therefore not take time of work…..yes we had to take time off work to let him in
  • Issue still not resolved as BT engineer has gone out of his way to help and install a brand new line but still there is no Fibre broadband

Everywhere along the chain of installation there has been an issue, departments don’t talk to each other, I’ve been mis-sold and mis-told information at great additional expense to myself and frankly I would like to know how this can be rectified because I am at my wits end looking at a broadband hub that doesn’t work and being let down by the people who are meant to be helping. All I hear is “Sorry Mr Tracey” which for 1 mistake or issue is fair enough but after half a dozen you have to ask yourself that if there wasn’t so many mistakes along the line then I wouldn’t have to hear the same hollow apologies every time. Frankly my patience is not only worn thin it’s worn out.

Seriously if you’re moving home – don’t use the Sky Home Move service as it’s really really bad.


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