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Real Football Man is now an United Games Affiliate

United Games are releasing this new interactive, live action sports app. Players will be able to follow live games on TV make predictions and in game calls in order to win points and lifetime achievement rewards. Over time there will be prizes, such as shirts, caps etc, but eventually as the game progresses, there will be travel prizes, match tickets and even cars. The game launches in October, and starts with the NFL and MLS. Soon after that, United Games will be launching the Premier League onto the game. UG’s affiliate model means affiliates get paid by encouraging people to download and play the game, whcih costs nothing. This is not gambling, no one has to pay anything to actually play the game and children from the age of 13 can play.

United Games have a great team heading their business, the two founders have a combined experience of nearly 50 years in the networking marketing industry working for NUSkin which is a billion dollar company, and Mark Mongie, the creator of the game worked for EA Sports in the US heading up teams that created the Madden football games over there.
The cost to become an affiliate is very small, only $29.99 (US dollars) and then a $9.99 charge per month for your website. Majority of affiliates are now backing this as ‘technology fees’. United Games do not take payment till the app is launched.

United Games have done their research and say the average app game player (Candy Crush etc) will share the game with 7 people, and this new game will encourage people to share. But if we use a more conservative number of 3 people per player that would mean:

Based on you referring only 30 players to the game:

30 x 3 = 90 players
90 x 3 = 270 players
270 x 3 = 810 players
810 x 3 = 2430 players

That would be a large network of players all attributed to you. Commission is paid to affiliates when players earn ‘tokens’ within the game, either by paying, or, and this is the great bit, they can play for free by watching adverts in the game to earn tokens. Each token has a value of $1 to United Games and affiliates get 10% of that paid to them.


So for example, you watch video adverts, you play the game and you earn tokens to continue playing the game over the match days at weekend or through the week and the players you refer own you tokens.

Now let’s look at those numbers again using $3.50 commission per week as a guide.

30 players x $3.50 = $105
90 players x $3.50 = $315
270 players x $3.50 = $945
810 players x $3.50 = $2835
2430 players x $3.50 = $8505

All these numbers are potential commission per week, originating from just signing up 30 players at the start, and working well within the numbers that United Games are predicting will use the app. If you knew a few people with a good social network/reach too, you could also sign them up as affiliates before the app launches and that would expand your network.

Be mindful. The affiliate invites will be stopping from the 15th September so this is your chance to get involved.

IF you are interested please fill in the contact form below. I will send you out an invite to www.unitedgames.com with an access code to start. From then you can either wait for the game to come out and get people to sign up on your link, or you can recruit a number of Affiliates yourself and get 5% of whatever they make.

Simply e-mail myself at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com or fill in the contact form below


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