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Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Football Data – Cristiano Ronaldo In La Liga

Time for another statistical piece now and after starting the series with Lionel Messi last week then it only seems fair to carry out some analysis on his La Liga nemesis Cristiano Ronaldo.

As before the plan is to mark Cristiano Ronaldo’s goalscoring efforts, where this slightly differs is that Ronaldo has obviously had a stint at Manchester United also so the content in this particular piece will look at just his exploits in La Liga.

I’ve created an infograph showing all of his goals up until the 2016/17 season and from this we are able to map the trendline as to when his goals have been scored and like Lionel Messi the same question is asked as to whether or not his powers are starting to fade slightly.

Not only that we take into account the rate at which he has scored goals for Real Madrid and how more often than not he scores more goals than the actual matches that he has played in.

Another thing to consider this season is the fact that he will miss the first four games of the season due to suspension after being sent off in the first leg of Real Madrid’s Spanish Supercup victory over Barcelona last month.

With slightly less games to be able to take part in, will this have any bearing on the amount of goals he will score this season? That is a question we can only answer come next May but I hope the link does answer a few questions and perhaps even ask a few more in the process

The next step will of course be too compare and contrast against Lionel Messi and that piece will follow in due course.

If you have any players that you would like me to draw an infograph for you, then let me know and I can compile the stats for you.

If you are part of any football statistical companies who have any available work, then do feel free to get in touch as I am always looking for additional projects to the ones I already have. You can email me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com

Cristiano Ronaldo And His La Liga Goals

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