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Chinese Super League

Real Football Data – Chinese Super League Week 15

You may or may not be aware that I carried out an analysis piece on when all the goals were scored during the 16 FIFA Confederations Cup matches that took place last month. If you are yet to read that then you can check it out on my sister website Real Football Data

That was data taken from a tournament in isolation but now it is time to compare and contrast that against what happens in a league format. Due to the fact that we are now in early July there are very slim pickings in which to choose from, therefore the league that I’ve opted for this time around is the Chinese Super League.

At first I’ve taken just a single week (in this case Week 15) but there is absolutely no reason not to work my way back and then forward with the data available to expand this sample out across the completion of the season.

In doing that we can then compare this against other domestic league seasons which will begin next month – that will be work for further down the line, but what we can do is compare it to when the goals were scored in the FIFA Confederations Cup. That is a piece you can also read by visiting the Real Football Data website.

This sample of data paints an interesting picture but does club and international football paint similar pictures, that is something that you can check out for yourself by reading the article below

With that in mind I guess that means I’ll now have to archive all the goal data from the Chinese season, well that’s my Sunday afternoon sorted then.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this and if you have any football data work available then please contact me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com

Chinese Super League Week 15 Where The Goals Are Scored

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