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Premier League Predictions – Week 25

After an impressive 7 out of 10 last week, it’s now time to once again prove my worth with another round of Premier League Predictions. Currently on a success rate of 52.5%, so I’m hoping we can edge it closer to the target of 60% by the end of the season. If that is to be the case, I’m going to have to start looking at weeks of 6 correct picks at least. So without further ado here is what I think will happen over this extended weekend


Arsenal vs Hull – Arsenal Win

Manchester United vs Watford – Manchester United Win

Middlesbrough vs Everton – Everton Win

Stoke vs Crystal Palace – Draw

Sunderland vs Southampton – Draw

West Ham vs West Brom – West Brom Win

Liverpool vs Tottenham – Draw


Burnley vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win

Swansea vs Leicester – Swansea Win


Bournemouth vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win

That’s what I think will happen, what do you think? Please leave your picks in the comments below. Best of luck if you follow these tips, place your bets now!

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