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Manchester City vs Chelsea a few quick thoughts

  • It’s nice of Chelsea to give Manchester City a 5 point head start, at least this season might actually be quite interesting
  • Sergio Aguero looked pretty special yesterday with any doubts that he was not at full fitness for another couple of weeks being quickly put to rest
  • Manchester City looked bright and could have been 1-0 up within the first 30 seconds were it not for Asmir Begovic
  • Credit to Asmir Begovic – although he has been derided for just going to Chelsea to warm their bench, he was pretty much the sole difference between Chelsea being 3-0 down at half time and them still in the game.
  • The goal though was always coming and what a goal it was
  • Diego Costa was at his nastiest best (or is that worst), I don’t think Fernandinho’s elbow had any real malice in it and the Yellow Card was suitable enough punishment why Costa felt the need to chase after him at half time is unknown and also unwarranted
  • John Terry seems to be the one thrown under the bus this weekend, I think the substitution of Terry was a not too discreet message from Mourinho to Abramovich that a new Centre Back (John Stones is needed A.S.A.P)
  • Speaking of the Bus. Had Ramires’ effort not been offiside then it COULD have been a different game but simply it wasn’t. Chelsea’s but not only didn’t turn up but it had crashed en route to Manchester
  • Raheem Sterling looked lively and ran Branislav Ivanovic ragged yesterday. Not an incredible performance but he has certainly added some zip to Manchester City’s midfield
  • A second headed goal in a week from Vincent Kompany all but sealed the game while Fernandinho’s effort just magnified how abject Chelsea’s performance was
  • The choice of “One Step Beyond” blaring out of the tannoy at the end of the game was a very inspired choice – kudos to whoever’s idea that was
  • Are we seeing the end of the latest Jose Mourinho 3 year boom and bust cycle, we’ve seen all the traits before. These are going to be a few very interesting months at Stamford Bridge.

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  1. Costa is very comical to me; I see him as sort of a Columbian Drug Lord. In actual fact, he’s just a petulant playground boy with a bad attitude, BUT when he’s in form, he’s undeniably an asset.

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