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Italy police arrest 50 in football match-fixing probe

“Oh look another Italian Match Fixing Scandal (rolls eyes)”

Police have arrested more than 50 people as part of an investigation into suspected match-fixing in Italian football.

Those detained include players and directors from around 30 clubs from Italy’s third and fourth divisions.

More than 70 people are also under investigation in the inquiry led by prosecutors in the southern town of Catanzaro.

Police said that some of those charged had links to mafia organisations.

Catanzaro prosecutors said they had uncovered an alleged network between club presidents, coaches, players, and some management members.

Those arrested are suspected of “conspiracy to commit sporting fraud”, ANSA news agency said.

Police said they were studying suspicious results in dozens of matches.

Reports say that the ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate is believed to be behind some of the match-fixing.

The syndicate is a network of clans in Calabria – in the ‘toe’ of Italy – that dominates the country’s cocaine trade.

Local media said that one police officer was also involved in the scandal.

It is not yet clear whether Tuesday’s police inquiry is linked to a previous anti-match-fixing operation.

Police had already placed more than 100 people under investigation for suspected match-fixing since 2011.

But prosecutors in the cities of Cremona, Bari and Naples had been focusing on Serie A and B matches.

Editors Foot Note: Italian Football is absolutely toxic. The End

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