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Hull City Tigers lose their roar

The Football Association Council has rejected Hull City’s application to change their name to Hull Tigers for the second time.

The Council’s decision  – carried by a 69.9% vote of its members – followed the recommendation of the governing body’s membership committee.

The club’s first attempts to change the name were blocked by the council in 2014.

Owner Assem Allam warned he would sell Hull if the change does not happen.

Hull, relegated from the Premier League last season, were told in March they could make a new attempt to change their name.

Allam, who has faced protests from the club’s fans over the issue, is convinced that rebranding the club is the only way to bring new investment in from overseas markets.

Editor’s Note: A correct decision in my opinion, the last thing we need is Football in England becoming more and more franchised. Thankfully Manchester Red Devils vs Newcastle Magpies is still a long way off the horizon, I think it’s fair to say common sense has prevailed here.

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