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Harry Redknapp is on Twitter and it’s rubbish

So finally Harry Redknapp has joined the world of social media and namely Twitter


Which is fine and all that but and here’s the big but. I thought he said he couldn’t use a computer or read and write when he was getting investigated by HMRC for supposed Tax Evasion (although found not guilty). So I’m not sure where he has learned these I.T. skills from all of a sudden, that and his tweets seem a bit you know…shit.

Is it even Harry Redknapp and not some spoof, although the blue tick has been of verification has been handed out (although they seem to be handing them out to anyone at the moment, even Richard Keys got one last week for god’s sake, on that premise I should be due one soon as well) it just seems incredibly bland for a man with over 50 years experience in the Football Game. Maybe Harry is just warming up and we’ll have to wait until November when he starts touting himself for the Bournemouth job with every other tweet, then again there might be a few Portsmouth fans with long memories who drive him off the social media platform due to a torrent of abuse (I am in no way condoning that…ok maybe a little bit)

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly looking forward to the next riverting installment of Harry’s Twitter account and I bet you are too. Triffic!

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