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Guest Article – Roles And Responsibilities Of Manchester City

Time for our second guest article of 2018 now as new transfer window signing Anthony Umoh takes a look at the different role of the Manchester City players in what is looking like being an all conquering team.
Thanks for getting involved Anthony, the floor is now all yours. Take it away.

Manchester City has been in top form this season. They are currently unbeaten, and they look unstoppable. Pep Guardiola struggled in his first season, but he has got this Manchester City team resembling his Barcelona team regarding his style of play. Everything to the possession, the pressing and the dominance they inflict. In this article, i will be talking about the roles and responsibilities of this Manchester City team.


Ederson’s role in this Manchester city team is different to the usual goalkeeper. He will act as the sweeper keeper similar to Manuel Neuer. He will read any passes that the defenders cannot get too and he will come out and deal with them in a composed manner. That not all he will have to do, as he will have to provide efficient distribution which can be used as a counter-attacking weapon.

Full-backs-Kyle Walker and Fabian Delph

The Full-backs in this team will do the usual dirty work when defending. However, when they are attacking they cause a problem because they move into centre midfield, the opposition can’t leave them free which create one v one opportunities for the wingers and vice versa when the wingers move more centrally.

Center Backs- John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi

The Center backs in this team will obviously have to defend, and they are no different to any other central defender in the world. But when they have the ball they will have the responsibility of driving into the midfield and provide efficient distribution so the midfielders can play on the front-foot and attack the opposition.

Holding Midfielder-Fernandinho

In this role, he will act like Sergio Busquets. He will be the more defensive of the three midfielders, part of Manchester city fluid system includes him dropping into defence if he becomes marked. However, he will be the anchor and give the ball to the more creative players.

Centre Midfielders- David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne

As centre midfielders, David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne will create and score chances. They will get into pockets and link-up with the strikers. Again if marked, they are in a fluid system which will allow them to roam so, they can be at their most efficient. They will also need the ability to press so they can win the ball high up the pitch.

Wingers- Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane

Sterling and Sane are probably the most direct part of this Manchester City team, as they will get plenty of one v one opportunities. They will also look for lots of goal scoring opportunities; this is the main reason why Sane and sterling goal scoring and creating production has gone up.

Striker- Gabriel Jesus or Sergio Aguero

The striker in this team has to be a complete forward. He must be able to drop deep and play as a False 9 and draw defenders out. He must be able to get on the end of passes made. In a Pep Guardiola team, strikers are the first defenders so he must have the ability to press and also the most crucial skill of a striker being able to score goals.

Thanks again Anthony for your article, just goes to show the talent that Manchester City have all over the field. A scary prospect for any opposition that has to face them

If you would like to get involved as a guest writer in 2018 then please get in touch with me via email at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com and we can have you signed up as a member of the squad. Thanks, Dan.


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