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Guest Article – Is Marco Asensio The Next Footballing Superstar

Time for another guest article now as Alex Norwood earns his second writing cap. This time he is going to tell us why Marco Asensio could be the next superstar in world football. Take it away Alex…

Who is Marco Asensio? This is the question everyone’s asking after the youngster smashed the third goal in a Clasico match to push Real Madrid to victory in the Spanish Super Cup Final.

It turns out that the same person Barca rejected 3 years ago has now become the next rising star at Real Madrid, with an incredibly huge potential. Asensio has shown why he’s such a great asset for Real Madrid, not just at the moment, but also for the future.

If the tides were to change, maybe it would have been Marco playing in Barca jersey on Sunday night but history wouldn’t have it. Instead, the Spanish forward is out to batter the same team that could have signed him for just 4 million euros (€4m) 3 years ago.

Unarguably, the 21-year-old has proved that he can be incredibly dangerous at goal. Latest victory against Barcelona saw him walloping a 30-yard strike past Gerard Pique into the roof of the net. It was a well-deserved victory for the club he supported growing up as a kid.

Now it’s Barca who regrets letting the youngster slip out of their hands. If only the prodigious forward had been signed after being spotted by Andoni Zubizarreta, Barcelona’s Sporting Director, perhaps it would have been a different story. It could have been Asensio humiliating Madrid not the other way round. And with the recent departure of Neymar, having a player like Asensio could have made the difference for Barca.

This season, Marcos Asensio has been nothing less than a sensation. Scoring in two successive Clasicos is not a feat that is very common in La Liga. Especially for a player who has just got more playing role following Ronaldo’s recent five-match ban. He did it first with a thunderbolt from the edge of the box in the first leg of the Spanish Cup on Wednesday. Then he repeated the same feat with an incredible volley from a 30-yard angle after playing for just three minutes in the hard contested game.

Even the real boss, Zinedine Zidane, couldn’t hold himself back. He would never have expected such a shot from the wunderkind youngster. Well, not only him – many of us are still wondering how he did it.

Marcos Asensio’s incredible accomplishment puts him in the front light in Real Madrid’s future. Since he can play any forward position, it won’t be surprising to see him take the centre stage after the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema or Bale. Or even win a future Ballon d’Or like his namesake Van Basten. With the way he’s playing recently, anything is possible!

The Complicated History of Signings

It was in 2014 when the teenager could have been signed from Mallorca by the Catalans. Unfortunately for Barcelona, the promising forward was bounced for a price which would sound ridiculous today. He was later signed in December the same year for the $4.5 million.

The Spanish forward was described as a great player by then Madrid Manager, Carlo Ancelotti, during his first months at the club.

Asensio’s decision to switch allegiance to Barcelona was rather complicated considering the fact that he grew up supporting Madrid. By the time he was ready to play for Mallorca in 2013, the Spanish forward was already contemplating to play for the Catalans if given the opportunity.

Eventually, the opportunity came in 2014 – though for a short term, when he was signed by Real Madrid but kept on loan at Mallorca. The next season, they loaned him out to Espanyol, where he performed really well.

The forward then joined Real Madrid last year and has played for the club since then. Though he has turned some heads in the past, it was not until the UEFA Super Cup that he announced himself to the whole world. Now he’s definitely going to be the Spanish player of his generation and a great hope for Madrid.

But seriously, if you compare the €4.5 million price Madrid had to pay for him with the €180 million spent by PSG on Mbappe, you could say Madrid got really lucky. All in all, it could be their best deal yet.

It is even more humorous when you consider how both players are faring. Who do you think will dominate the centre stage in the next 2 or 3 years? The answer is obvious – that’s football for you!

What Does the Future Hold for Asensio?

No doubt, Marco van Basten would have been very proud to see the terror Asensio has become. The goal the forward scored against Sevilla and those scored in both legs of the Super Cup finals will continue to make the highlights for a long time.

Considering the remarkable feat he has attained since returning from Espanyol, we can say that his short spell at the Spanish club was really worth it. He has become faster, more skillful and more dangerous with the ball. His movement is terrific and that wand of his left foot is just incredible. Indeed, he has added more steel to his game.

Having been announced as the player of the same club he was fond of, the 21-year-old has every right to be emotional. Not to mention the feat of having been recently enlisted in the Spanish first team by Julen Lopetegui.

Although many of the fans at Bernabeu would definitely like to see him play as a starter, it doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment. He might just have to jostle between playing from the bench and starting with the first eleven.


Thanks Alex once again for your guest article, I look forward to your next offering.

if you would like to get involved then feel free to send your work over to realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com and I’ll make sure it has a home here at Real Football Man HQ.

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