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Do You Have a Girly Daughter or a Sporty Daughter?

Back in the day, primarily due to strong gender stereotypes, girls normally had a select few career opportunities and were expected to have a much focused idea of what their purpose in life was – each culture had and still has their own idea of this. Of course, this didn’t necessarily mean that every girl adjusted to the standard that society tried its level best to set. That’s because it’s impossible (and unjust) to impose your beliefs on another human being, regardless of whether you’re their spouse, their sibling or their parent. However, regardless of whether your daughter’s sporty or super girly, they’re still the more adorable gender undeniably.

Raising a Sporty Daughter

Sporty girls are fairly restless and in love with being free and living life outdoors as opposed to their girly counterparts who like to stay indoors where they spend their daylight hours playing with dolls and practicing how to apply makeup. Of course, different girls have different ideas of how sporty or how girly they personally want to be. Most parents might find a sporty personality rather difficult to keep up with, but there are many parents who admire a sporty daughter because of their tomboyish personalities – they also like doing chores that are reserved for boys. Enrolling your daughter in a soccer training program might be the highlight of her entire childhood if she’s more towards the sporty side. Despite the rebellious nature that sporty daughters tend to have, just letting them be who they are is certainly the best way to ensure that they are happy and also do well in school, among other things. Rest assured, she’ll make you proud some day.

Raising a Girly Daughter

When you’re blessed with a baby girl, parents are more likely to stock up on pink clothes and the latest girls’ toys before she’s even old enough to develop a personality. Usually, this works for most girls and the good part about this early and girly upbringing is that they develop a sense of style and fashion at a very young age. It’s extremely cute to see young girls playing with dolls and toys, but that doesn’t mean you should limit her to just that. If you try to incorporate some outside time in their daily routine, then they’re more likely to be rather fearless in their adult years. Girly girls usually have an indisputable love for the colour pink, but that’s also not something that is a complete telltale sign. Either way, they’re adorable and love the peace and comfort of being home.

Regardless of which personality your daughter has or adapts to, it’s important that you, as her parent, buy her things that she’ll like and make the choices for her when she’s in her adolescent years. But it is also important to understand which way her personality leans so you can help her become a better human.

Fighting to make her girly or sporty will only drive her away from who she truly is. Daughters are a blessing and although they’re very challenging, they’re also very comforting and understanding in spite of their personality or character traits.

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