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Footballers with Top Knots #17

So as we approach the weekend and more importantly the end of the domestic Football season, it seems a fitting time to reveal one of the biggest signings ever for F.C. Top Knot. Now I’ve been sitting on this one for a while as I’ve been deliberating whether to sign him or not, questions have been asked such as “Does he have enough Top Knot” and “Is he known for his Top Knot hairstyle” and after much deliberation I have decided that the answers are Yes and Yes to both, so ladies and gentlemen (more likely gentleman) I bring to you are latest signing to F.C. Top Knot none other than EDINSON CAVANI!!


Now this one might be a little controversial as he doesn’t necessarily have a Top Knot in every game, but I’m going to use a bit of artistic license and get him in the team as frankly he’s far too good to leave it. Obviously Edinson will not be signing up to the project without the promise of First Team Football. With this stipulation in place it means I have no other option but to continue the PSG strike force partnership, meaning the starting eleven looks like this:


To be honest I don’t think there is going to be too much more movement in the starting line up, so the big news in the reshuffle is that Andy Carroll has been demoted to the reserve side which now looks as follows,


The key objective is to find a few more squad players, ideally completing a full reserve side with the maximum being 25 names. Once this is done I’m then going to create a team in Football Manager starting in the Vanarama Conference and see how these names get on in the cut and thrust of the English Football Pyramid.

So if you come across any Top Knots this weekend then please let me know on here or tweet me using the hashtag #FootballersWithTopKnots – the hunt continues

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