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F.C. Top Knot – Meet The Squad

So it is with great pleasure that I can announce the full F.C. Top Knot squad and without further ado here they are:



23 of the finest top knotted players. After calling up 20 players over the last few weeks I have had to take artistic license and add John Brayford & Chico Flores to the side on the basis that they used to have Top Knots. This took me up to 22 players with the 23rd signing to be explained shortly.

To give a bit of background I used the database editor and used Whitehawk in the Vanarama Conference South as the shell of the team that way I didn’t have to start the team from scratch. Due to the range of talents I then had to give myself a bit more money than the Whitehawk budget so F.C. Top Knot are starting off with £100m

As  I have used the Whitehawk team as the basis of F.C. Top Knot, I have decided to keep Sergio Torres on as he was a bit of a legend back in the day for my home team Crawley Town that and also does have curly hair. As far as transfers go I’m going to impose a transfer embargo on myself so won’t be purchasing any external non Top Knotted players for the foreseeable future and have also extended the contracts of all the squad so they should hopefully stick around for the next 6 seasons or so as I start my quest to get to the Premier League.

So the adventure starts here, join me with all the twists and turns as F.C. Top Knot becomes a reality.

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