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E-Spurs Podcast Time

It’s that time of the week again where I offer you my latest E-Spurs Podcast, this weeks show covers all things Tottenham vs Crystal Palace as my three guests and I dissect the goings on from Sunday’s win at Wembley.

I must thank the guests for once again giving up their time and I have to say of the short run of podcasts that I have been lucky enough to hosts for this platform, this was my favourite one. I think I’m starting to find my groove now after being a bit adrenalin fuelled over the first few weeks.

There’s 55 minutes or so of top discussion and we also cover your listeners questions of which there was a whole raft of, so I must also thank everyone who took the time to send a question in and also remind you to keep sending them in each week. As they will get read out so it’s just as much your show as mine.

Also starting next week we will be launching are competition which will take place over the next five shows (inclusive of next week) there will be a question each week and you will need to make note of the answer. On the 5th week we will then reveal the email address that you will need to send over all your answers.

Do that and you will be in the running for an amazing prize (prize still to be confirmed – but will definitely be worth listening to the E-Spurs podcast over the next month or so).

As always the most important thing is where to find the podcasts, you can do that below

You can find the Acast and Itunes links here

Next week the format changes slightly as all the regulars will be on board as we discuss a dream team with a difference, a perfect way to fill the international break.


If you like what you hear and have any media/podcasts projects in the pipeline and you would like to discuss them with myself then feel free to email me at realfootballmanwordpress@gmail.com

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