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Chelsea vs Arsenal a few quick thoughts

  • It is fair to say that this meeting between Chelsea and Arsenal was nowhere near as good as that of eight days ago
  • Again though Antonio Conte fails to beat Arsene Wenger, with it now being five matches in which Chelsea have failed to get the better of Arsenal
  • Admittedly three of those have been draws but it must still rankle that the former Italy and Juventus boss cannot get the better of the “Old Coach”
  • And it is a draw that Wenger will be very happy with indeed especially when you consider the strength of his lineup
  • He may well have looked at the two comparitive line ups and felt that he could well be in for a long evening
  • On the other hand though it was a similar lineup to the one that held Chelsea to a draw back in September so the Gunners boss obviously felt that he could get a positive result
  • And that is exactly what he did
  • Chelsea have passed up their home advantage after the goalless draw last night and if they are to reach the final they are going to have to do it then hard way
  • The only blot on Arsenal’s copy book was the fact that Jack Wilshere was injured once again
  • Poor timing especially as he is reportedly in the middle of contract talks with the club offering him a wage cut if he is to stay
  • And with another injury looming he may well have to take that pay cut
  • Alvaro Morata once again had a game to forget, his finishing once again deserting him when it really matters
  • Whether this is because Arsenal have got the better of him I am not sure but once again he had numerous to get on scoresheet none of which he took
  • Although there were two of the countries biggest teams in action, the game was most definitely overshadowed by the Video Assistant Referee
  • The fact that the fans were chanting “V A R, V A R” as the high point of the encounter says it all really
  • You could even argue that Mr. VAR was even the man the of the match
  • Then again even the use of VAR was not all that inspiring
  • You have to admit that it is going to be here to stay and therefore football fans as a whole are going to have to learn to love it
  • The fact that pundits, presenters and commentators have no idea how it works is laughable as they are quite simply making it up as they go along
  • I guess the understanding will come in time but what happens to matters such as injury time, is the clock stopped
  • I don’t know, do they
  • The fact that I have spoken nearly just as much as the technology than the game itself pretty much says it all
  • It is advantage Arsenal as the two teams look ahead to the return leg at the Emirates
  • Have Chelsea blown their chances of reaching another domestic final?
  • Can Arsenal somehow salvage their season?

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