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Can The Sky Bet Super Boost Make You Rich? – Part 6

As always at this time of week we ask the all important question of whether the SkyBet price boost can make you rich and on current form the answer is not enough to retire on but you can certainly take yourself out for a nice bit of dinner as last weekend gave us our second win in six weeks.

Last week the powers that be offered up this tasty treble

Manchester United to beat Southampton
Chelsea to beat Stoke
Leeds to beat Ipswich

At the healthy price of 11/2 thanks to the Betulator website I was able to work out that a £5 outlay would give me winnings of £32.50 and thankfully that is exactly what happened. Chelsea coasted to a win over Stoke while Manchester United and Leeds edged out victories. Ultimately the performances do not matter because a win is a win at the end of the day.

I was slightly worried about Leeds for the second week in a row after they let me down the week before but this time they came good so I will definitely be having a celebratory drink on them this evening. More importantly though what does that mean for are running totals.

Price Boosts Bet On – 6
Money Placed – £30
Price Boosts Won – 2
Total Winnings – £57.50
Profit – £27.50
Win Rate – 33.3%

So after six weeks I’ve made £27.50 profit. If we were to assume that there will be something in the region of 36 price boosts then at this current rate of winnings I could be in line for an end of season price pot of £165. Not bad considering SkyBet are doing all the hard work.

As promised I will provide some statistics behind the bet

Fixtures – 18
Correct Outcomes – 10
Correct Outcome Rate – 55.5%

Teams chosen to win

Arsenal – 1
Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 3
Everton – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Leeds – 2
Leicester – 1
Liverpool – 2
Manchester United – 1
Manchester City – 2
Southampton – 1
Tottenham – 1
Watford – 1

Both Manchester clubs finally make an appearance

Teams that have won

Arsenal – 1 (100%)
Chelsea – 2 (66.6%)
Everton – 1 (100%)
Leeds – 1 (50%)
Leicester – 1 (100%)
Liverpool – 1 (50%)
Manchester City – 1 (100%)
Manchester United – 1 (100%)
Tottenham – 1 (100%)

Teams that have let me down

Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Leeds – 1
Liverpool – 1
Southampton – 1
Watford – 1

So in answer to your question the price boost is making me slightly richer. Here is hoping we can get another win this weekend.

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