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Can The Sky Bet Super Boost Make You Rich? – Part 3

We’ve reached the international break and it is time to reflect on the progress (or lack there of) on whether or not the Sky Bet price boost can make you rich or not.

After the first two weeks of the season drew complete busts it is time to see what Gameweek 3 offered me. As always it is a simple five pound bet on whatever Sky Bet offer up as the Saturday price boost.

Here is what the three games on offer where

Southampton to beat Huddersfield
Watford to beat Brighton
Crystal Palace to beat Swansea

Odds 9/1 – therefore the return would have been £50 on the basis of my £5 bet.

Now going into this weekend I predicted only Watford to win out of those three games so this was the least confident that I felt going into the 3pm kick offs. Well my lack of confidence could not have been any better placed as none of the outcomes went my way.

After picking up an agonising two out of three in the first two weeks this one was an absolute whitewash, I think I would have been better just throwing my five pound in the bin. With boost offers like this it almost makes you wonder whether Sky knew they would be lapping up the winnings come 4:45pm on Saturday afternoon.

These are three games you would arguably never bet on individually so to combine them in a treble was sheer lunacy, the fact that this was the highest price offered of the season so far is testament to that it could have been £50 but it was always going to more than likely be £0.

That means that after three weeks of this scientific experiment I have won £0 and outlayed £15 – so I am at a loss of £15 this season. In terms of correct outcomes 3 of the 9 games have gone the way of the betting slip, just 33.3% of all matches.

Therefore at this stage I can categorically say that the Sky Bet Price Boost will not make you rich

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