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Can The Sky Bet Super Boost Make You Rich? – First Month Review

Friday saw me set out the fourth week in my quest to see whether or not the SkyBet Price Boost can make you rich. Like Frank De Boer I had drawn a blank in the first three weekends of the season, but unlike the former Dutch international I have finally found a winner.

Maybe the fact I was not that confident going into yesterday’s fixtures may have ended up working in my favour as a trio of London clubs came up trumps for me. If you did not see my Friday article here was the price boost that was offer. (Stake £5, odds 6/1)

Arsenal to beat Bournemouth
Chelsea to beat Leicester
Tottenham to beat Everton

A clean sweep of victories means more importantly I have turned a profit for the season:

Price Boosts Bet On – 4
Money Placed – £20
Price Boosts Won – 1
Total Winnings – £35
Profit – £15
Win Rate – 25%

That is looking like a much healthier situation, if that ratio was continued over the season then we would be looking at a profit of about £135. So I think a win ratio of 1 in 4 is what we have to be looking at to get a tidy reward for our efforts come May. Whether I roll this over to the World Cup I’m not too sure, although I probably will.

As promised I will provide some statistics behind the bet

Fixtures – 12
Correct Outcomes – 6
Correct Outcome Rate – 50%

Teams chosen to win

Arsenal – 1
Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 2
Everton – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Leicester – 1
Liverpool – 1
Southampton – 1
Tottenham – 1
Watford – 1

So a relatively even spread, 10 teams have been selected so far with two of those sides being selected twice. No Manchester United or Manchester City yet but this due to the fact that they are yet to play a Saturday 3pm kick off

Teams that have won

Arsenal – 1 (100%)
Chelsea – 1 (50%)
Everton – 1 (100%)
Leicester – 1 (100%)
Liverpool – 1 (100%)
Tottenham – 1 (100%)

And these are the teams that have won their games when required

Teams that have let me down

Burnley – 1
Chelsea – 1
Crystal Palace – 2
Southampton – 1
Watford – 1

So in summary and to answer the question, the price boost can not perhaps make you rich but it can put you in profit…..for now

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