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#BringAndyBack – Day 2

After the campaign started yesterday to bring Andy Gray “home”, it’s time to pick up on the groundswell of support we had yesterday and continue the momentum of this bid to get one of if not the greatest football pundit to return to Uk Screens

Andy is currently in Football Purgatory out in Doha, he dedicated nearly 20 years of his life to Sky and he doesn’t deserve to finish his days in the wilderness he should be telling us to “tick a boo” and that “you don’t save those”

I feel maybe the only way we are going to get him home is if we pay for his airfare out of Doha, the look in his eyes tells you he is being held captive by Richard Keys in a one way friendship which has long since expired. If there is enough support I might even be able to get a donation page going.

But for now we need you to spread the word and help us #BringAndyBack


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