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5 Ways to Become a Hero in the Eyes of Your Woman

5 Ways to Become a Hero in the Eyes of Your Woman

First of all, even if you say you do not care, you do. It is an essential part of the ego or pride of every man. You have to be hunters, defenders and savers for the weaker sex. Subconsciously females feel and want the strongest and the most courageous males. Those who can carry them through fire, save them drowning and do other Herculean labors. That is how physiology works. However, what if the Mother Nature deprived you of your bravery and attractive share by accident?

If your friends or a girlfriend is still afraid walking in a dark secluded passage or a park with you, there is obviously something to change.

Fortunately, Maria dating com prepared 5 hero features that can be easily acquired by you. Are you tired of people screaming “Study nerd” or “Coward” in your address? Keep reading then.

  1. Biceps and triceps

Intellectual power is, of course, a great thing in this world. However, can you name a woman who would not be immune to the charm of the well-muscled body? She at once wants to hide behind this buffy wall. However, this point is not only about the look of your body, but also the way you use it in your daily life. A hero can easily carry a heavy thing without a shiver in his knees, spend 48 hours driving without threading, intimidate the ruffians, or give them several punches if necessary, drink a bin of tequila and still look alive. Nothing extraordinary, but in our era such men are a few and far between.

Therefore, you have to not only make an impression of a brave and a strong man, but also behave and feel like the one.

  1. A go-to guy

Nothing close to the women’s caprices or whims. This point is about an ability to show yourself in the do-or-die situation. A capability to tell your girlfriend “Calm down. I’ll deal with it.” and cope with the problems (call for the tow truck, get rid of the spider, agree upon a repair in her flat). Such a behavior wings, inspires, makes females take pride in you. I can assure the planet of brides would not have known such a term as feminism if each man behaved in this way. However, most of you guys react like this “What have you been thinking about?” “Is it so difficult not to be so foolish?” “I’m on the meeting. Solve your problems yourself.”

  1. A Master of cunnilingus

No taboo, your tongue’s flexibility and creativity is fine, actually. However, there are also more important details on this activity. I mean the amount of time you spend to bring your date a huge amount of pleasure. Some men do several licks, where only 10 or even 20 minutes can work. Remember that a woman can moan and groan all the 40 seconds of your making efforts, but usually it is a type of a compliment and a way to encourage you to bring joy as often as possible. Another case when you try as hard as you can till the end. Do not worry your heroic deed will not be forgotten.

  1. A perfect father

The “perfect” one does not discusses his business on the phone during a walk in the park, knows how to entertain his kid and teach something useful (but not only how to turn on iPad), will take a ride with him/her on a slide, despite his Armani jeans will definitely be torn out. The ice between the two of you will be broken when you get up to lay the baby down in a crib long after midnight instead of her. Again, elementary things can make your woman look at you in a different way. Women at nataly date totally support this idea.

  1. A thoughtful son

Thoughtfulness is not calling mommy every 3 hours in order to report the breakfast, lunch, dinner and the way her daughter-in-law cooked it. It will drive your lady mad. However, how many sons do you know, who are ready to cancel their summer plans in order to mend the roofs of their parents’ houses? How many of them set money aside to make a refurbishment in the old widow’s apartment? Finally, how many of them pay a visit to their relatives not only on Christmas or on Easter, but every week? Yeah, maybe it is not a feet, but there is apparently something heroic about it.


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