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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 9 (Review)

Running late and reading great that is usually the motto when it comes to my predictions. This time around it is just the later as i’m just running late as I’ve forgot to review my picks from last week. After the shambles which has been this season let’s now take a look as to how I fared last weekend.


West Ham vs Brighton – West Ham Win NO


Chelsea vs Watford – Chelsea Win YES

Huddersfield vs Manchester United – Manchester United Win NO

Manchester City vs Burnley – Manchester City Win YES

Newcastle vs Crystal Palace – Newcastle Win YES

Southampton vs West Brom – Draw NO

Swansea vs Leicester – Swansea Win NO

Stoke vs Bournemouth – Draw NO


Everton vs Arsenal – Arsenal Win YES

Tottenham vs Liverpool – Tottenham Win YES

Not many coupon busters as such, just the swing matches so to speak were all incorrectly picked, the greatest league in the world they say. Arguably the toughest one to predict, after a quarter of the season gone it should become a bit easier to make correct picks. Alas this is not proving to be the case though. The struggle is real, very real.

So a slight improvement on last week, after three out of ten the week previous I’ve now got five out of ten this time around, I guess this is the equivalent of David Unsworth coming in and steadying the ship at Everton. That said this particular ship is still pretty rudderless and as a predictions strike rate I am now currently on 38 out of 90.

For all your maths fans this is 42.2%, It’s going to take me two weeks of solid predictions just to get me close to 50% – I would not hold your breathe. As always another raft of albeit slightly delayed picks are just around the corner, so keep your eyes out for those. Until then.

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