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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 10 (Review)

After last week we said that the ship has been steadied into slightly calmer waters, we now seem to be plain sailing as there was a marked improvement (well at least by my standards anyway) but let’s not just talk about my efforts lets admire them as well. Here are how my predictions fared over the course of the extended weekend.


Manchester United vs Tottenham – Manchester United Win YES

Arsenal vs Swansea – Arsenal Win YES

Crystal Palace vs West Ham – West Ham Win NO

Liverpool vs Huddersfield – Liverpool Win YES

Watford vs Stoke – Watford Win NO

West Brom vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win YES

Bournemouth vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win YES


Brighton vs Southampton – Brighton Win NO

Leicester vs Everton – Leicester Win YES


Burnley vs Newcastle – Draw NO

As you can see a relatively respectable 6 out of 10, this one was helped by the fact that the ‘bigger’ teams all won against the ‘smaller teams’ whether you want to include Manchester United and Tottenham in that split is up to you, but instead of raising the ire of Spurs fans I will just class that as a correct prediction.

Ultimately we now need to know what that does in terms of the correct strike rate, I now have got 44 out of the first 100 predictions correct which even if you are not a maths fan is simple enough to calculate, I’ve got a strike rate of 44% this season.

Still some way to go if I am to get above 50% and back to the levels of last season – which in itself was not all that great. ‘Toughest league in the world’ they say, I think that should be in terms of predictions and not the action on the pitch.

It won’t be any easier this weekend as we’ve got two juggernaut fixtures on Sunday which themselves will be harder to call but it also means that there are going to be more swing matches where it could go either way, it is sink or swim time. (No more boat references this week). Week 11 predictions to follow tomorrow, until then.

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