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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 16 (Review)

It is once again time to see how I fared in the world of Premier League predictions, after a solid eight out of ten the week previously we’ll find out whether or not that was just a fluke or are we onto the start of something special here. Without further delay, lets take a look


West Ham vs Chelsea – Chelsea Win NO

Burnley vs Watford – Draw NO

Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth – Crystal Palace Win NO

Huddersfield vs Brighton – Brighton Win NO

Swansea vs West Brom – Draw NO

Tottenham vs Stoke – Tottenham Win YES

Newcastle vs Leicester – Leicester Win YES


Southampton vs Arsenal – Arsenal Win NO

Liverpool vs Everton – Liverpool Win NO

Manchester United vs Manchester City – Manchester City Win YES

Yes it is fair to say it was a fluke, the high and lows of Premier League predictions summed up in two successive gameweeks. After eight last weekend it is a very paltry three this time around, talk about being a flash in the pan. Apologies to anyone who may have rode my wave of success, the likelihood is that would have cost you a fair bit of money.

What does that do for the maths side of things – it now means I have picked 74 games out of 160 correctly this season, leaving me on 46.25%. A little shy of a respectable 50% marker but at the same time scores of just three out of ten are not going to do me any favours are they.

It is the kind of form where you are thinking sack the board but luckily or should that be unluckily I will be back with another raft of predictions very shortly as we are treated to another midweek round of action. Hopefully Week 17 reads a lot better than that of 16. Until then (basically the next article above)


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