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2017/18 Premier League Predictions – Week 15 (Review)

Time to review another raft of Premier League predictions now as I review what took place over the weekend and to be honest I have a feeling that this could make for very good reading, very good reading indeed. Let’s not hang around any longer as I tot up the scores from Week 15.


Chelsea vs Newcastle – Chelsea Win YES

Everton vs Huddersfield – Everton Win YES

Leicester vs Burnley – Draw NO

Stoke vs Swansea – Stoke Win YES

Watford vs Tottenham – Draw YES

West Brom vs Crystal Palace – Draw YES

Brighton vs Liverpool – Liverpool Win YES

Arsenal vs Manchester United – Arsenal Win NO


Bournemouth vs Southampton – Draw YES

Manchester City vs West Ham – Manchester City Win YES

Well how about that then a Champions League placing eight of out ten last week, without question that is my best performance of the season as the predictions finally clicked. The only two that went against me where Leicester beating Burnley and Manchester United losing to Arsenal, that said a very solid week indeed.

Have I turned the corner or is this just the exception rather than the rule, I guess next week will answer the question to that one but more importantly what has that done to the ongoing season total? – I now stand at 71 picks correct out of 150.

This has boosted the season percentage up to 47.3% correct so it is looking healthier, without getting ahead of myself should I get nine out of ten in week 16 then that would put me on an even footing in terms of half of all predictions being correct.

But to be honest getting nine out of ten could be very wishful thinking especially as there are some monster games on Sunday, those of course being the Manchester and Meryseside derbies. They could ultimately make or break my success this weekend. I’ll be back on Thursday with my next raft of picks, until then.

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