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Week 4 – Premier League Predictions (Review)

So another week of Premier League action has taken place and with a few upsets I don’t think I had a particularly good day at the office, but with further ado let’s see how I got on:


Newcastle vs Arsenal – Arsenal Win YES

Aston Villa vs Sunderland – Draw YES

Bournemouth vs Leicester – Draw YES

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace – Chelsea Win NO

Liverpool vs West Ham – Liverpool Win NO

Manchester City vs Watford – Manchester City Win YES

Stoke vs West Brom – Stoke Win NO

Tottenham vs Everton – Tottenham Win NO


Southampton vs Norwich – Southampton Win YES

Swansea vs Manchester United – Manchester United Win NO

A bang average 5/10 – so 1 less than the previous two weeks, the big upsets at Stamford Bridge and Anfield cost me dearly and when will Spurs get that first bloody win?!. I’m now 17/30 for the running tips total which is 56.6%, a fall of 3.4% since last week. I have a also started to put a £1 on each bet to try and put my money where my mouth is, the return was £585 but obviously I fell short of that. Oh well there’s always next week (well after the International Break anyway)

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