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This seasons betting progress – update after last night

Bet on Portsmouth to beat Crawley last night at EVENS but unfortunately it was a 0-0 draw therefore, a massive £3 has been wiped off my profit for this season, here is where we are at so far:

Date Bet Teams Stake New Bet or Recycled Profit Possible Return Win/Loss Rolling P/L How Many Right Wrong Picks Bet Success Pick Success
07/08/2015 7 Fold Rangers, Arsenal, Chelsea, QPR, Burton, Portsmouth, Hibs to Win £1.20 NEW £26.00 Loss -1.2 4/7 Arsenal, Chelsea, Hibs 0% 57.14%
14/08/2015 5 Fold Boro, Forest, Sheff United, Celtic, Hibs to Win £1.50 NEW £12.95 Win 10.25 5/5 None 50% 75.00%
15/08/2015 Single Arsenal to win £3.20 RECYCLED £5.76 Win 13.06 1/1 None 66.60% 76.90%
18/08/2015 Single Portsmouth to Win £3.00 RECYCLED £6.00 Loss 10.06 0/1 Portsmouth 50.00% 71.42%

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