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#CurbsWatch – New Season, New Hope


Another season starts and that will no doubt mean a whole host of job opportunities for Alan Curbishley – more importantly has anyone seen him on their TV’s this weekend?

I can’t say I did in all fairness, but I was incredibly drunk all weekend so he may have slipped past me but surely he must have popped up on Sky Sports News on Monday Morning to give his incisive views as to what happened in the Premier League over the last couple of the days.

Maybe he’s keeping quiet on the vacancy at Marseille after Marco Bielsa surprise quitting – then again does Alan want to travel to France especially with all the hassle of getting out of Calais at the moment.

If you do come across any Alan Curbishley sightings then please let me know on the blog or tweet me at @dantracey1983 using the hashtag #CurbsWatch

The hunt for the lesser spotted Curbs continues…

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