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Tottenham vs Liverpool a few late thoughts

  • A bit delayed but nevertheless here are just a few quick ramblings from Saturday’s game
  • As soon as news broke that Daniel Sturridge wasn’t going to play then I never thought we would actually lose the game as I couldn’t see Liverpool scoring but then you also wondered where the goals from Spurs would come from.
  • Liverpool did start well and for 15 minutes looked like a Jurgen Klopp side with high tempo and pressing but after that they faded away, with Origi’s header hitting the bar being their only real attacking threat.
  • I think the only way Liverpool were going to score is if Jurgen Klopp came off the bench himself.
  • Simon Mignolet was the difference between 1 point and 3 on Saturday from Spurs with two terrific saves from N’Jie and Kane.
  • Another clean sheet and also extending the unbeaten run now to 8 games – it’s just a shame it’s not saying 5 Wius and 3 Draws and not the other way around
  • Harry Kane looks a bit broken. 1 goal in 9 is a pretty poor return, chances that would have gone in last season are not this.
  • Thought Dembele played well in Centre Midfield, maybe even his best performance this season so far
  • Jan Vertonghen is looking pretty class again, really enjoying this Belgian Centre Back partnership and it looks like this long time problem area has finally been resolved.
  • Bournemouth away next Sunday in a game we should definitely be looking to win even with a Europa League hangover.
  • Fine margins now between 7th and where we could possibly be if we converted a few more of those draws into wins. With Chelsea stuttering this could be a real opportunity to break the top 4 again but it’s going to need goals to do it. COYS!

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